Friday, 12 July 2013

Skype Has New Avatar With Resolved Issues On Android Devices

ast week Skype which is popularly known as an app for video calling, exposed the statistics that tells that 100 million users are already using the app on their Android Smartphones which is the world’s most popular mobile platform also Skype has redesigned UI for the mobile users. The new UI is more comfortable and attractive to the users. Unfortunately, the update brought along some niggles and bugs with it. But the fast response to these bugs is there from the company and updates are now available to resolve these issues.
In the previous scenario for being a Skype user, it was not easy to get sign out on Android devices. Once you started to use the app then it becomes a separate task to get out of the app. Skype has now resolve the issue and providing for a Menu key option as well as a way to log out using the navigation screen.

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