Friday, 12 July 2013

Skype Has New Avatar With Resolved Issues On Android Devices

ast week Skype which is popularly known as an app for video calling, exposed the statistics that tells that 100 million users are already using the app on their Android Smartphones which is the world’s most popular mobile platform also Skype has redesigned UI for the mobile users. The new UI is more comfortable and attractive to the users. Unfortunately, the update brought along some niggles and bugs with it. But the fast response to these bugs is there from the company and updates are now available to resolve these issues.
In the previous scenario for being a Skype user, it was not easy to get sign out on Android devices. Once you started to use the app then it becomes a separate task to get out of the app. Skype has now resolve the issue and providing for a Menu key option as well as a way to log out using the navigation screen.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Gmail New Inbox – Helps To Tackle the Complexity Of Emails In Inbox

Oops! I know that this is a foolish question as we all using Gmail accounts atleast one or it may be multiple to a single person with no doubt. So without any doubt there is something new and exciting for your account presentation which make Gmail account much easy and comfortable to manage. Actually we all have some difficulties to differentiate the level of importance of the emails for messages from friends, social notifications, deals and offers, confirmations and receipts, and more.
Now you are provided with the tabs for all of your needs and differentiate them according to interest and by default categorize them. From the feature you can manage you social network such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube notification and other important category separately. You can also modify (add or delete) the tabs according to your need.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Micromax Introduces Canvas 4 at Rs 17,999

Micromax Introduces Canvas 4 at Rs 17,99

While you are run behind the other brands such as Samsung, Nokia, now Micromax can stop your step and attract all your concentration on their very new model which was disclosed before. Micromax has launched their new sensational Micromax Canvas 4 and also revealed their prices in the market even in the Indian Market. You will amaze to know that the price is fixed to Rs 17,999 only.
Canvas 4 is followed by the launch of Canvas HD and they both have lots of similarities but the best one is the latest one i.e. Canvas 4.