Monday, 23 January 2012

Best SEO Practices To make Website More Optimize

Best SEO Practices To make Website More Optimize

Most of us know about large number of steps to be taken while we create our websites and keep in mind while formatting the same. But sometimes we missed the least important things that can also help to optimize our site. I want to discuss those little things which are not considered by some of us.

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Formatting the Keywords:

We all know about the importance of Keywords while make our site optimize. It is must that your keyword should be unique as much as possible. When you bold, italicize or underline a word, Google assumes that this is one of your keywords. You should therefore bold, italicize or underline some of the keywords on your page. But it can dangerous too for you as if u use the same tick to the wrong words then I means you are trying to confuse the Google and this will effect you negatively...


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