Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Install Windows XP in 10 Minutes

We all know that installing Windows XP is the time taken process. To make it less time taken we have a trick which is described here step by step:

  • Just when 256 color part is completed, and you enter the Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode.
  • While the Windows XP OS is setting up its configuration and when you reach the screen which is shown below in the picture Press “Shift + F10 Now”.
  • When you press “Shift + F10″, then you will see a “Command Prompt” screen.
  • You have to type “taskmgr” in that Command prompt screen and then press enter.
  • After doing that, Windows Task Manger will be open.
  • In the Windows Task Manager, you will see a processes tab, Click on that and there you will find the process named as “setup.exe”.
  • Right Click on the “setup.exe”process and then select the priority to “Real time”.
  • At last just wait and watch, your Windows XP setup will be install in just less than 10 Minutes.

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