Monday, 30 January 2012

Elements to get Website Available to the Search Engine

Elements to get Website Available to the Search Engine

Potential readers are the main target for any website so that value of the website remains increase. It is not enough to create a website whether it is static or dynamic. Search engine is the medium through which the website makes available for the potential reader. That’s why it is important to make a website easier to crawl by the search engines or we can say that we have to create a search engine friendly website so that more and more visitors can reach to the particular websites. A website must be created and designed keeping the visitors in mind. So we have to keep the following steps in our mind while creating the websites.

Meta Tags:

In web pages, our content stands after theMetatags that are the fist things which is crawled by the search engines. A major part of the search result is picked up from the Metatags. A number ofMetatags are to use to serve the same purpose. Some of theMetatags are as follows:

  • First one is Title tag that helps the search engines in understanding about the webpage crawled.
  • Second one is Meta Description Tag which gets listed as the snippet in the search result.

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